Water Supply Connection Reference

Excerpt from the Order as of 29 December 2014, No 175 “On approval of the Rules for provision of equal access to regulated services (goods, works) in the sphere of natural monopolies”

To obtain Technical Requirements for connection of objects to the water supply and sewerage systems, it is necessary to provide the following documents:

  1. Calculation of water required under Construction Codes and Regulations (SNiP) for water supply, firefighting, and sanitation (not required for an individual building);
  2. Copies of identification documents for individuals;
  3. Business Identification Number (BIN) for legal entities;
  4. Copies of entitling documents (a Title Certificate for a land parcel, the basis for issue is the Resolution of Akimat, (a copy of a sales contract, of a gift contract, and etc.);
  5. Situation diagram with the land parcel boundaries drawn under the land parcel selection certificate providing the information on the location of the plot and communications as of the date of applying for the Technical Requirements.