About Us

The State Communal Enterprise with the right of economic management “Zhambyl su” of the public institution “Department of Housing and Communal Services, Passenger Transport and Highways of the Akimat of Taraz”.

Based on the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On State Enterprise” and the Charter of the Company, the owner of the Company’s property on behalf of the state is the Akimat of the city of Taraz, the governing body is the public institution “Department of Housing and Communal Services, Passenger Transport and Highways of the Akimat of Taraz”.
The Company was founded in 1952.
Main activities of the Company are the extraction of groundwater and provision of the population and enterprises of the city with drinking water, reception and discharge of sewage water into absorption fields.
Currently, the Company employs 620 people.
The Company produces groundwater from the Talas-Assinsky Deposit in Zhambyl Region to supply water to the city of Taraz on the basis of the Contract No. 814 as of 30.01.2001 and has a license No. 20295 of the SPC series (the State Property Committee) giving the right to use subsurface resources in the Republic of Kazakhstan, issued by the Government of Kazakhstan on May 25, 1999.

The water supply system consists of a set of waterworks to extract, disinfect, and convey cold water. The average annual water supply volume is 70-80 thousand m3 a day. The water quality is monitored by an accredited basic laboratory of the Company. Due to the absence in Taraz of wastewater treatment facilities, the wastewater is discharged into absorption fields divided into 92 areas with the total area of 197.07 ha. The average annual wastewater discharge volume is 80-90 thousand m3 a day.


Technical data:

  • The length of water supply networks – 526.02 km;
  • The length of sewerage networks – 288.56 km;
  • Water wells – 85;
  • Water pump stations – 4;
  • Sewage pump stations – 4.

The Company provides services to:

  • Natural persons – 89 445;
  • Legal persons – 5653.

Water facilities to extract, disinfect, and convey cold water:

  • Main water intake № 1 in Zhalpak-Tobe consists of 21 artesian wells. The design capacity of the water intake is 64.0 thousand m3 a day;
  • Water intake № 3 in the south-western part of the city, is near the railway station Kumshagal. The water intake consists of 29 artesian wells and has the design capacity of 111 thousand m3 a day;
  • 35 artesian wells in the city;
  • 4 2nd elevation pumping stations;
  • 11 water reservoirs with the capacity of 1000-6000 m3; 2 “Chlor 2001” sodium hypochlorite production facilities;
  • 192 km of water pipes, including water mains — 62.04 km, distribution network – 396.592 km, neighborhood network — 127.56 km.

The water supply network is equipped with:

  • 7193 gate valves;
  • 3056 fire hydrants;
  • 5677 water wells;
  • 7 air release valves;
  • 166 public standpipes.

Wastewater system includes:

  • 07 ha of absorption fields;
  • 484 km of sewerage networks, including 50.27 km of sewer collectors, 96.87 km of storm drains, and 143.344 km of neighborhood networks;
  • 4 sewage pumping stations;
  • 7935 sewage wells.