The Dispatch Department, phone number: +7(7262) 43-34-02

The Prosecutor’s Office of Zhambyl Region, the Call Center’s phone number:  +7(7262) 55-67-07

Reception 45-35-37
The Central Dispatch Department (issues relating to lack of water, leaks, a sewer line clogging, and etc.) 43-34-02
43-39-19 (Sewerage Subunit)
 45-36-86 (Water Supply Subunit)
45-36-77 (Water Metering Unit)
The Customer Service Department (issues relating to changes in the number, address, name of residents, Certificates of no arrears of water and sewerage charges, issue of receipts, debt clarification, and etc.) 45-35-85 CSD-1
45-54-17 CSD-2
Issuance of Technical Requirements 45-91-98 (Room No 5, Head Office, the O&M Department)
Chief Engineer – Akhimov Sh.A. 43-49-01
Deputy Director – Khamzaev K.N. 45-52-53
Deputy Director of Finance and Economy – Tokaeva G.Zh. 45-92-44
Deputy Director – Dauletkulova G.M. 45-38-55

Address: 136, Kazybek By Str., 080012, Taraz City, Kazakhstan

Phone number: +7 (7262) 45-35-37