Volume of exports increased by 24% — Zhenis Kassymbek about results of work for 2018

Feb. 6 at a briefing in the Government’s press center Minister of Industry and Infrastructure Development Zhenis Kassymbek spoke about the measures being taken to promote non-commodity exports and the process of digitization of the industrial sector of the economy

The Ministry of Industry and Infrastructure Development is carrying out systematic work on the implementation of the Head of State’s instructions, as well as in the framework of industrialization and the Nurly Zher and Nurly Zhol programs.

As noted by Kassymbek, despite the fall in world prices for base metals, sanctions against major trading partners and other external factors, the industry in 2018 grew by 4.1%. This was achieved due to the rapid growth of the mining sector by 4.6% and the manufacturing industry by 4%. The main drivers are engineering, chemical industry, oil refining, light industry, oil and gas production.

“By the end of 2018, the number of operating manufacturing enterprises reached 14.7 thousand. In general, labor productivity in industry increased by 3.5%, investment in fixed assets — by 27%,” the minister informed.

During the period of implementation of the Industrialization Program, more than 1,250 projects were launched for 7.9 trillion tenge and 120 thousand permanent jobs were created. In 2018, 100 new projects with a total value of 1.3 trillion tenge were launched, over 13 thousand permanent jobs were created. In 2019, it is planned to launch about 120 enterprises worth 1.1 trillion tenge, 20 thousand permanent jobs will be created.

Thanks to the measures taken to promote non-commodity exports in the first 11 months of 2018, exports increased by 24% to $54.7 billion. Including the export of processed products reached $14.3 billion. In 2018, Kazakhstani products were exported to 119 countries of the world.

In the next three years (2019–2021), the industry will be allocated an additional 500 billion tenge. This will give new impetus to the development of non-commodity exports: by 2021, it will allow to increase the export of processed products to 720 billion tenge, the number of exporters from 411 to 600 subjects.

As part of the Digital Kazakhstan State Program, by 2022, it is planned to introduce innovative and digital technologies in more than 100 enterprises of the mining and metallurgical complex and the manufacturing industry.

“In 2019, 38 projects related to the introduction of innovative and digital technologies will be implemented at 32 enterprises of the mining and metallurgy industry, chemical, construction and food industries,” noted Kassymbek.

The development of the Third Industrial Development Program began in 2018. According to the minister, the new industrial policy will ensure by 2025 in the manufacturing industry (to the level of 2016): real growth in labor productivity by 1.7 times, growth in the value of non-oil exports by 2.3 times, real growth in investment in fixed assets manufacturing industry 2 times. Direct support will be provided in exchange for the reciprocal obligations of the business to achieve specific indicators.